torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

Oops I did it again... HAUL TIME!

Hi my lovely readers! :)
I have done a little bit of shopping lately, so I decided to share some of my finds with you all!

Recently I've bought a lot of jewelry from places like Gina Tricot, Linex & Seppälä, becuase they've had great sales! 

These two necklaces I bought from Gina Tricot for 1,50€/piece

I absolutely love this necklace! It's kind of "four in one" necklace.
This piece of jewelry has a nice tribal vibe going on.

I had been eyeing these cross earrings for a while and how amazing was it to get them for 1,50 only! :)

You know the collar trend... Well, I am into it! xD I bought the rosegold & silver collar from Gina tricot for 1,50€/piece, and the golden one was from Seppälä for like two euros. 

These two awesome bracelets were four euros from Seppälä. 

Continuing with the tribal trend, got this cute little bracelet, again 1,50€ from Gina Tricot

From a brush/makeup tool- company called Duroy, I got some brushes for my facial exams.

Lovely tools for beauty therapists!

Have you bought anything lately? Share your purchases with me in the comment section! :)

xoxo Pauliina 

6 kommenttia:

Katariina kirjoitti...

Heh, vihdoinki mul on noit "pantoi" mitä lainata ;)

Pauliina kirjoitti...

xD Perus!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

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Catherine kirjoitti...

Oh wow, so many beautiful items! I particularly like the huge bangles :)

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks Catherine! :)

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks Catherine! :)