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Random tag!

(On Saturday 5th of January 2013)
Hi my lovely readers!  Here's a totally random tag that my friend Santtu brought back from 2009 or something, she tagged me, so here we go!
 I promise to post "real" posts soon, but it's so much fun to do these tags ;)

Have you been somewhere today?
- Ummwelllh it's 1am, I just got back from Helsinki, met some of my friends. But I guess I should go to sleep now. So kind of yes, kind of no.

Can you reach your cellphone without moving?
- Oh yes.

Do you like to read?
- Yes, I love it! But I don't have that much time for it... I know, excuses!

What tv- series are you currently following?
- Well, Sherlock I would follow if they'd just get the third season out. I'm following a Finnish tv-show called "Putous", it's hilarious!

Will you sleep in tomorrow?
-  YES! It's  the weekend, whoo!

Do you ever wear your hair in a bun?
- Pretty often yes! Especially when I work as a cosmetologist I need to keep my hair off my & my client's face.

Have you worn a wig in a public place?
- Yes, a  long black wig with fringe, all over Järvenpää city because I was Cleopatra in a Finnish event for upper secondary school seniors  called "penkkarit".

Do you ever think what you'd look like with a crop?
- Not really my style.

Have you ever gotten an illegal piercing?
- Definitely not! But I do have a legal one in my ear.

Can you play piano?
- Not really, I used to take piano lessons but I've forgotten everything :(

Do you own a memory stick?
- Of course I do! xD

What's your first song in your mp3 or iPod?
- Ain't no other man by Christina Aguilera. Maybe because it's all about alphabet, huh? ;)

What's the last movie you've seen?

What's the last place you stayed over?
- New years night at a friend's house.

Have you ever been super duper drunk?
- No I haven't.

Picture how you're feeling right now with one word
- Hopeful but I know I shouldn't.

Would you rather be a surgeon or maths teacher?
- Considering I hate maths and fear everything related to viscerals, I'd just have to go with the maths teacher, because I kinda like teaching. But then again I'd have absolutely no idea what I'd be talking about.

Do you ever say out loud that you don't understand something at school?
- Sometimes if I think it'll benefit more people than just myself, for the stuff to be explained in a different way. If it's because of my own lack of attention you can propably see a question mark over my head, but I won't say it out loud.

Do you own blank CDs?
- No I don't.

How many hair sprays do you own?
- Uhhh, I share them with my sister so I guess six bottles isn't bad?

Do you ever think of the apocalypse/end of the world?
-  Last month yes, not anymore. Dec 21 was just funny B)

Have you ever picked lingonberries?
- Some to eat, but not for any other purpose. I don't really fancy the taste of them so I prefer blueberries.

If you'd get free 10€, what would you buy with it?
- I'd propably buy some kind of teas for my little brother as his bday present.

Do you own T-shirts with text? If you do, what do they say?
- Propably not? Of course some ad-tees but they don't count. 

Are you listening to music right now? If so, what are you listening to?
- Lena's Taken by a Stanger

Do you ever use abbreviations while texting?
- Ofc.

Do you go to concerts regularly?
- Nope.

Can you remember a song which lyrics are sad or carry a message?
- There are many of those, the one to hop on my mind right now would be Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound (at least if you've read the Hunger Games).

Who was the last male who slept next to you? - A friend of mine
Who was the last female to sleep next to you? - iEppo! (a friend of mine)
Who was the last person you talked to on phone? - My friend Satu
Who was the last person you sent a text to? - My friend Rosa
Who will you meet next? - I hope someone awesome.
Who was the last person you were staying over? - Wtf this question has been here like three times in different forms already!
Who was the last person to bug your nerves? - iEppo ofc. She got my friends to go against me in a boardgame so I lost. But I'd have won if we'd have played it fair.
Who was the last person to transport you somewhere? - Well I did get myself from the railway station to home, but if that doesn't count, my mom got me to the railway station.

What is your city of birth? - Wellllll, I was born in the hospital of Hyvinkää, but technically Järvenpää
Where are you living at the moment? - Järvenpää represent, whoo!
Where would you like to live? - In Dubai, USA or London. Or just realisticly Tikkurila or Helsinki.
Name the places you've lived at? - I've always lived here :(
Where you absolutely wouldn't want to live? - In Simpele ;) Sounds like a pretty bad place, according to  most of the people who come from there. I wouldn't fancy living in a warzone either.

A beer or a cider? - I don't really drink that much alcohol but I'd rather pick a cider.
Coffee or tea? -  Oh how I'd love to pick tea and feel british, but no. Coffee it is, even though I only like Starbucks & few others.
A bus or a passenger car? - A passenger car but there's nothing wrong with busses either.
Swimming or cycling? - Swimming if the water is warm enough.
Morning or evening? - Tricky one! In the morning you have hope that the day'll be amazing, but in the evening you'll know wether it was or wasn't. So it depends on the day! Mostly evening!
In a forest or in the middle of Helsinki? - Both. Both is good.
Summer or winter? - Winter.

What kind of day it'll be tomorrow? - It'll be Saturday. Hopefully awesome but that really dependes on couple of human beings.
Your goal? - To have fun!
What you'll dislike tomorrow? - If the weather is awful, or if some people act stupidly etc.
Do you have work to do? - Actually I just turned down one job I was asked to do. I didn't have that great of a winter break since I was sick and I feel like I should rest this weekend!

Ate? - 8 hours ago
Slept somewhere other than your home? - Is this not the tenth time this was asked?
Dreamed about your teacher? - Ha, never! They weren't my type!
Watched tv? - Couple of days ago.
Were on a car? - Within the last 4 hours.
Bought something else than groceries? - Within the last 10 hours.
Sang karaoke? - Oh god... Almost a year ago... I absolutely can't sing so hopefully I won't do it this year!

Lol, hope you had fun reading these crazy random facts about me :D

xoxo Pauliina

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