perjantai 10. tammikuuta 2014

2013: The year of dream come trues!

Hi my lovely readers!
The year 2013 was awesome! Quite many of my dreams actually came true last year.

I had dreamed of seeing Cirque De Soleil's Alegria live ever since I was just a little girl. In spring 2013 I went to see it with my best friend. It was totally worth the hype!

Can you spot my orange suitcase?

I went to New York - the city of dreams - in April. The trip itself was a dream come true, but seeing The Lion King on Broadway, seeing NHL-game live, attending IMATS (& meeting JulieG and other beauty gurus) and strolling around in Tiffany & co. were nice additions ;)
In July, I also went to Nice, and that was such a nice trip as well. Hehhheheh I'm just hilarious, huh :P

Hello, this is my orange suitcase again

I also graduated from a cosmetologist school and now I am a CIDESCO-, SKY-cosmetologist :)

My little sister & me on my graduation day

I got to work on quite many exciting events last year. I met many Finnish celebrities and working with them was lovely. One of my favorite working experiences was the ice hockey championships that were held in Helsinki (and Stockholm).

Hi, I'm Pauliina and  I'm feeling AWESOME!!
This was awesome too!

Of course, in 2013 there were some bad days too. Two of my relatives and one family friend passed away, and that wasn't easy to deal with. They are in a better place now <3

Top 3 random things I've loved to do:
1. Meeting new people 
Last year I met some damn awesome people! Sini has became a very dear friend of mine, and through her I met my adorkable boyfriend. I loved spending time with my friends and family, who I love so very much. I also met Ronja, who seems such a lovely person, hopefully I'll be seeing her in 2014 again! :)

Sininiii <3
Ronja :)

2. Moving and learning to live on my own
I didn't move far away from my childhood home - just across the street actually xD However even this slight move has made me much more independent person. And it's handy that I can go & steal some milk from my old home if I'm out of mine and don't have time to go buy some.

3. Burning candles
I wasn't allowed to burn scented candles on my childhood home because of my little brother's asthma. Now that I'm living on my own I can burn as many candles as I want!!! Muahhhahhhahhhh!!!!!

Top 5 ones of 2013:
1. Phildel - The Storm song
2. Phildel - The Wolf
3. Phildel - Comfort me
4. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
5. Fergie - A Little party never killed nobody

Oh god I so fell in love with Phildel's music! Her voice immediately catched my attention and oh how I just love her music! Definitely my new favorite artist ever!

I hope year 2013 was as awesome for you as it was for me - if not, remember that everything will get better this year  <3
Thanks for reading, I appreciate all of you so much! Have a magical new year!

xoxo Pauliina