lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Dreaming of Mulberry...

So past five years I have dreamed of a Mulberry purse. Alexa is the style, that appears to me the most. I love all of their desings, but still, Alexa is my fave!
Now I have been SO obsessed with the Pebbled Beige large Silky Snake print Oversized Alexa purse. I just can't get over this bag!!!!
So, the deal is this: I do have money for this bag, but is this bag a necessity to me? No it's not, but I am in need of a new bag currently. Should I invest in a Mulberry? Make my dreams come true?
I do have my Dooney&Burke Disney bag, but it's not a very convienient bag for winter, since it doesn't have a zipper/anything to keep things safe from the snow!
I'm going to Dubai on th week 8.
In the Dubai mall, there is a Mulberry store I have crossed many times, and drooled all over the window. I think I'll visit the store and check if they have this bag. I do not want to get any other bag than this, since I'd  propably still want this bag, and I'd consider my money wasted.
If the courses between euro and Dubai's dirham are good, then it might be ok thing to buy it there...
Ok now I am just so confused wether I should get this bag or not! I love it, and it'd be my treasure. If it was 500 euros cheaper, I'd buy it in a snap, but not sure is it a good thing to invest in a purse that is so frigging expensive! x3

 ADVICE NEEDED!!! xD Please twll me your view of wether I should buy the bag or not!

My Dream Bag


xoxo Pauliina.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Go for it :) Im dreaming of a bayswater :)