sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2012

Rhodes part 2

Oh whoops! Someone has been procrastinating! xD Sorry for not posting this sooner!
So, here we go, Rhodes part 2!
This post will include more beauty related stuff than the first part.

Three pics from the archeology museum of Rhodes:

About the visit to Sephora:
This Sephora was a decent-sized Sephora. But still the worst I've ever been in!! The shelves were empty and messy, the workes LITERALLY run away when you walked towards them to ask about an item you'd like to purchase. When i happened to catch one of them she was like "no we don't have that" and walked away. I was thrilled... Well, at least there was -15% sale on all the expensive brands (Chanel, YSL, Estee Lauder etc) and I snatched Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation that I've been planning to buy for ages (yes omg they had my color)! :)

The Benefit counter in the Sephora. Check out how many Erase Pastes there are left? -__- Two! And after I grabbed one of them, there was just one. 

^ Two of my fave things. Sephora and Starbucks! 

Trying to be all spiderman-ish and stuff in this pic. Cute dogs, huh? 

SORRY about my gross cuticles. This is what happens when I stress about something...
Let's take a look into the manicure itself; I was inspired by the famous "evil eye" / "Lucky eye". In my opinion, the eye symbolizes good luck and in Greece they call it the lucky eye. I decided to continue the desing from my toenails to the manicure and add the lucky eye to my index finger :)

sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Greetings from Greece! Photos of my trip PART 1/Random!

Hi my lovely readers! :)
I came back from Rhodes yesterday. Me and my mom took a bunch of pictures  there, so this post will be overloaded with pictures! This is the part one of two posts I'll make, this one is kinda random, the second part will include more about beauty!

The view of the little hill next to our hotel Epsilon was absolutely beautiful! I've been to Epsilon around 5 times before so there wasn't anything new to me. I absolutely love it there!

^ The old town of Rhodes. AHH I love that place! I've been there many years before but can't get enough of it! We went to the old town 5 times out of the 7 days. If you're ever in Rhodes, definitely check this place out!

When I was little, my mother had an African Grey. Unfortunately we had to sell it because he was jealous of me when I was born - he never got used to me and tried to eat my fingers x( He got a good and loving home though. So ever since I've been little, I've always wanted a parrot.  In 2005 (or so) we went to the Canary Islands and visited the Palmitos Park. There I got to hold a cute little cockatoo on my hands, and ever since that day I've known that some day I will own a cockatoo.
So, when we  were strolling around the old town, we spotted a place where we used to go since they had  couple of parrots there. Now there was a new arrival; a cute little salmon crested cockatoo called Coco. I just fell in love with him! He was so friendly and just overall a sweet little pig :3 Now I'm just reading about cockatoos and watching parrot videos on youtube xD

Part 2 will be here in couple of days, and it will include more about beauty products I purchased, my manicure etc!  =)
Thanks for reading!

xoxo Pauliina