sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014

Beauty Blogger meet in Tampere & a goodie bag haul!

Just a little excited to go to the meet...

Hi my lovely readers!
 Greetings from Tampere! :) I was invited to a meet for Finnish beauty bloggers hosted by the lovely Sanni and Elisa. I absolutely love these meets, because I get to meet all of my awesome blogger friends in one place! I also got to meet some new people, too bad there was 35 of us and I didn't have time to chat with everyone. Maybe next time!

We met at Plevna, a cozy brewery  restaurant. Most of us ate something, but I only drank coffee, since I had already eaten before I got there.

Me before the meet

Sini & me. 
The restaurant we had the meet in. Plevna was super cozy and nice!
Loved the atmosphere!
Thanks for the photo, Eiko from Kahvia ja Kosmetiikkaa-blog! :)

After dining we moved to a different room and listened to three awesome presentations. The kickoff to the presentations was by Lumene, the famous Finnish cosmetic brand (which I personally love). After Lumene, we had a little break and got incredible goodie bags! 
We returned to the room, and got to enjoy of Mikko Vainio's hair demo and Zuii Organic's presentation. 

Lumene's presentation by Tarja Gallacheria
New goodies to be released in couple of months ;)
Mikko Vainio.  Warehouse's representative who has the coolest beard ever.
Mikko doing jumbo curls
A couple of curling wands
Jumbo curls. Loved them!!
Zuii's presentation and demo
Lovely brown smokey eye
A draw. Check out that cute MLP purse ;)
The sea of goodie bags
All the stuff I got *__*
Wow, such makeup, such freebies
Some hair stuff I can't wait to try!
Body & face products
Lumene's new makeup. I was just about to buy the eyeliner, it was awesome to get it for free! Also, it has the same tube as Urban Decay!
Awesome hair products from Tigi & other brands.

Overall the day was just pure awesomeness! I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet all these lovely bloggers and so amazed by all the goodies we got! Thanks for the hosts!!! 

Reviews of some of this stuff coming soon, comment down below what products you want to see reviewed! Thanks for reading, have a magical day!

xoxo Pauliina