maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

100 Random facts about me part 2!

51. I have arachnofobia.

52. I have dreamt of a Mulberry bag for at least 5 years...

53... This year I purchased one but I had to return it because it had some factory defect going on in the bag. So yeah... Maybe in the future.

54. I hate driving.

55. I have a Pottermore account,, and I was sorted to Ravenclaw, my favourite house <3

56. I used to dance ballet. I quit when I was 11-year-old because we didn't have a good teacher anymore.

57. If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, I'd choose to eat chicken.

58. I want to own a cockatoo one day.

59. I used to love flying, but now I hate it because it hurts so much in my ears/maxillary sinus :(

60. My favourite tv-series is Sherlock.

61. I have never owned a pc in my life and I have absolutely no idea how to use them when I have to.

62. I love spicy/musky scents. My favourite perfume is Chanel Eau Tendre even though that's more floral than spicy xD

63. I am the worst at doing anything related to handicraft.

64. I'm sick at the moment :(

65. I love to buy presents to other people!

66. I've seen a premonition twice - both times the dreams were about the following day's religion exam; I knew the questions and scored 10 from both of the exams xD

67. I always loose caps of products such as hairspray.

68. Our family has a Greek turtle called Otto.

69. I love this song so much:

70. A huge shelf has fallen on top of my desktop computer but it didn't brake.

71. I loved Anastasia movie when I was little. I recently ordered the San Francisco Musix Box company's Alexandra & Nicholas box...

72... If I have children I'll lie to them that I was Anastasia and show them the music box. xD

73. I am not able to whistle.

74. This:
picture from

75. I've always been better in listening comprehensions than writing or speaking tests.

76. I love wearing red lipstick, I don't do it too often though because it's so high mainteance.

77. I love Agatha Christies Hercule Poirots and Miss Marple books.

78. I recently got a teeth jewelry :) It's just a clear little crystal.

79.  I love otters, they're so cute!

80. I love fog. It's kind of mysterious, and I love everything mysterious.

81. I prefer texting to calling.

82. I'm such a stalker in facebook.

83. I wish I had freckles.

84. I want to dye my hair light purple when I'm old. I want to be a crazy grandma xD

85. I'm not sure wether I want children or not.

86. Out of my family members, I'm the best at memory games.

87. I'm such a pessimist.

88. I have a Pandora bracelet, I got it for my 18th birthday.

89. I always doodle all over my (and my school mates who sit next to me)  school books and papers.

90.  I have a deviantart account but I don't use it much anymore.

91. I've been best friends with my BFF ever since we were four years old. She's very important to me!

92. I think Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women.

93. I've had my glass nail file for almost three years.

94. I love Just Dance -games, even though I look ridiculous while playing that game xD I don't care, I have fun!

95. I love baking; I actually just baked cupcakes!

96. I hate cleaning but love organizing my items.

97. I'd buy a book just because it has a bautiful cover, I've actually done that many many many times.

98. I don't like too long holidays - week or two is enough, otherwise I get too bored if I have to spend that time at home.

99. I love to make jewelry. I hav an etsy account, maybe one day I'll sell there something.

100. I want to  you to have an amazing week! :)

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Pauliina

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

100 Random facts about me pt. 1

1. I'm such a procrastinator. I used to finish school assingments early and maybe even turn them in before the deadline, but now I usually turn them in the last second.

2. I have tryroid hypofuction...

3...It took me four years to get tested for it because I have such a huge fear of needles I wouldn't book an appointment.

4. Winter is my favourite season.

5. I hate the taste of alcohol.

6. I love making youtube videos...

7... But it's hard for me to find time to film them!

8. I prefer youtube videos to blog posts.

9. My favourite youtuber is JulieG713. I also love Jenna Marbles.

10. I have always wanted to learn Greek.

11. I have been to 16 countries if I include the country I live in (Finland).

12. My favourite place in this planet is Dubai, I've been there four times.

When I see this view, I know I'm where I belong <3

13. I'd love to live in the UK or USA for some time in the future.

14. My favourite word in Finnish is "virvatuli" (will of wisp) and I also like "revontuli" (the northern lights) since they are so magical.

15. I'm already getting bored of writing these numbers from 1 to 50.

16. I love British accent

17. I have too much cosmetics...

18... I still want to buy more.

19. I'm afraid my friend Santtu is getting mad because I kind of copy her with that "three dot tactic" of answering these questions, even though I've seen people use that way before.

20. My fave Starbucks drink is iced Caramel Frappucino <3

21.  These are my favourite places to go: River Island, New Look, Forever 21, Sephora, Ulta & Starbucks...

23... We don't have any of those in Finland (except a SB in the airport) and I'm so mad about that!

24. I still live with my parents.

25. I'll move out next year when I get to know  where I get in to study more/get a job from different town.

26. I have abosultely no interest in anything related to politics.

27. My favourite subjects in school were art and history.

28. My favourite historical period is Ancient Egypt. I have visited the pyramids and the Egyptian museum, the valley of the kings etc.

29. I'm too lazy to check my misspellings in this text.

30.  I consider Finland a huge periferia. Still I could never completely move out of this country, I really love this place even though I quite often state the opposite.

31. I LOVE ICE HOCKEY!! (to watch it... I hate to play it)

32. I was celebrating Finland's 2011 world championship in Kauppatori (in Helsinki) with 50-80k other people. That was one of the best days of my life so far!

33. I try to be nice to everyone...

34...  but I'm a super sarcastic person, so some people might misunderstand some things I say.

35. I'm the master or stupid-not-even-funny jokes, I laugh at them myself because I know they are so stupid and nobody should laugh.

36. I learn the lyrics from songs fairly easily. I'm usually done with a song in three days to a week. Then the song begings to annoy me.

37. I just lighted up a candle with a match. Then I blew to put out the match and I accidentally put out the candle too. Hurray for me!

38. I'm quite lucky when it comes to drawings and giveaways, I win something around once a month.

39. ^ Not trying to brag. It's just a fact. Never won in a lottery though, I wish that'd happen so I could help out my family members.

40. I prefer dogs to cats.

41. I have a bunny called Luna. And he is a boy. YES I know Luna is a girls name, but I don't think Luna knows that ;)

42. I wish there was a beauty box system in Finland

43. My favourite makeup brand is Benefit.

44. It's annoying that I have added dots in the end of some sentences and not to some. I'm just too lazy to fix it now.

45. When I'm bored or stressed out I tend to pick my cuticles. That's such a bad habit and I'm trying to quit it.

46. I really want to see Adele live some day.

47. Ciate's Big Yellow Taxi is what I have on my nails at the moment.

48. I LOVE Disney movies! :) My favourite one is Hercules and favourite character is Megara.

picture from here

49. I also follow La Liga football when I have time, I cheer for Real Madrid!

50. My favourite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch.

Thanks for your time, hope it was entertaining!
xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

Finnish beauty tradeshows; a big haul!

Hi my lovely readers! :)
So I went to two different beauty tradeshows these past two weeks, and I just have to say that I went overboard with the stuff I bought... I really should be saving money for my future but I couldn't resist buying 30 new nail polishes -__-'' So, let's begin! If you wanna know more about any of these items  bought just let me know and I can make a video/blog post!

From left to right: Won't Chip topcoat, Magnifique topcoat, Casmere Cardigan, Pink Whisper, Royal Navy.

Ciate 10€ caviar: 24€ Ciate rainbow caviar manicure kit, Jewel, Big Yellow Taxi

I decided to paint my nails with Jewel, which Adele rocked in the Grammys. Heres the NOTD picture  (2 coats, worn for 3 days sorry for it being kinda chipped):

Essie 8€: Topless & Barefoot, Aruba Blue
Finally I own these famous polishes! I have been wanting these for ages!

Zoya 7€: Fleck effect kit; Maisia, Opal, Chloe. Feifei, Zuza
Thes are my very first Zoya nail polishes! :) I hope they're worth the hype!

OPI 10€ or 2 for 10€ (the matte ones & touring America collection): Sparkle-icious, Simmer & Shimmer, Show it and glow it!, I brake for manicures, I eat mainely lobster.

What you think I'm going to do when I see the last polishes from the Burlesque collection? Buy them of course. I just had to buy a back-up for Sparkle-icious, my second fave polish of all time! Now I just  wish I had bought backups for all of these...

Alpine Snow matte x3, Fly, Gargantuan Green Grape (matte), Lucky Lucky Lavender.

Pssst...One of those Apline Snows (matte)  is for you guys ;)

Inglot shades: 59, 369, ? & ? I'm sorry but I can't get these off the pan xD
I'm missing one of the 5 shades I picked up on my freedon system palette. They were sold out of it so they took my address and they will send it to me later :)
I was super excited about Inglot and just had to buy these lovely and super pigmented shades!  I'm going to try them out tomorrow, can't wait!

Super cute mini Tweezermans with ladybugs!

I was in need of a new mositurizing mask, we use Phytoceane in our school so I went for this one.

FREE SAMPLES YAAAY! The reason I love tradeshows ;)

I also bought many other items, but they'll be for my family members, Christmas is coming you know! 

Some really crappy pics from my phone from the I love Me tradeshow:

Tired but happy after long day of shopping xD

Me & two of my friends :)

Some girls with amazing hair!

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 
xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 8. lokakuuta 2012

Tiny Essie haul!

Hi my lovely readers!
Last week I was shopping in the local "mall" (= about 5 stores) and I saw some cosmetic sale going on in a store called Emotion. I picked up three nail polishes from Essie. I only owned three Essie polishes before (Lilacism, Mint Candy Apple, Borrowed & Blue), and  while those polishes are super pretty, I dislike the formula and brush, the application is super streaky and hard. 
So, I decided that  for 7,90€ I would give Essie the last chance to impress me. 
And guess what? I think they got me ;)

(natural lighting) From left to right: Lights, Bazooka, & Action. 

I have only tried out one of the polishes so far: the neon orange color called Bazooka. The formula was super smooth and applied nicely. I used two coats but I could have added one more coat since it was kind of sheer-ish. But absolutely loved this polish! It returned my faith into Essie nail polishes. Maybe they aren't that bad I thought. What are your opinions?

The polishes with flash 

Two coats, with flash.

Two coats, no flash. As you can see, the formula is kind of sheer.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely week :)

xoxo Pauliina