torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

Such a Nice vacation!

Hi my lovely readers!
I was on a family vacation in Antibes, South-France. Antibes is located 15 minutes from Nice, and two minutes from Cannes, so it's absolutely lovely place to have a vacation on! There was a huge harbour with millionaires' boats, a lovely old town to explore and on Saturday a French antique flea market in the central plaza.
Here area a few pics from our trip :)

Fun fact; I didn't see a single Pepsi can or bottle during the vacation! Now I'm so sick of Coca-

Lovely windows!

What a place to get your desserts! Look at those delicius macarons *__* 

Look at me! I'm destroying my teeth with Coca-cola! Whiii~

A beautiful sunset of Antibes. 

I'm in Monaco, bitch!

Me and my beautiful sister

The incredible view of Monaco's harbour from the top of the Prince's Palace

Me and a Nutella-flavoured macaron

I declare this chocolate cake to be the best chocolate cake in the world!

Shopping in Antibes

Looking so hawt... Or maybe not.

Overall, it was an awesome vacation. I shopped a lot and even got a little bit of a tan (not showing in the photos, though). Have you guys had any vacations recently? 

xoxo Pauliina