perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2012

Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin REVIEW

Hi my lovely readers!
Today I decided to review Garnier's  BB-cream "Miracle Skin Perfector" for combination to oily skin.

Claims: Immediate  perfect skin all-in-one. Mattifies. Anti-shine non stop. Reduces pores & imperfections, unifies & boosts healthy glow, moisturizes. UV protection SPF 20.

My thoughts about the claims:
Ummm... NO. None of these claims actually happened.

First when I got a sample of this "BB-cream" from a magazine, I thought it was amazing and  wanted to purchase it, luckily I didn't have to: Garnier gave away couple hundred of these beauty balms in their facebook page, and I got one for free, hurray!

First when you apply the BB -cream, it's VERY liquidy and light, and doesn't really cover anything. I found it looking the best when I applied it with my Sigma F60 foundation brush. The finish was matte for about five minutes, and after that the oilyness from my T-zone started to build up. So, if you're planning to wear this, you better use a primer and set it with powder! Also, be careful when you take the cap off, because the super liquidy formula will spill out everywhere if you're not careful!

The cream spilling everywhere right after I opened it.

My bare skin on my hand before... 

...and after applying the product.

I saw absolutely no improvement in my skin, I used this BB -cream for a week. You're supposed to use it for four weeks to see the improvements. As a beauty therapist student, I did not find a single ingredient from the ingredients list, that would actually benefit your skin, so...

To be honest the only positive sides to this product are:
- It's very light shade so it's good for my skintone
- It doesn't have a scent so it's good for more sensitive people
- It's still better than their original BB-cream

So yeah, I wouldn't really recommend this product, except if you have almost-perfect skin, preferably dry or normal, rather than oily/combo, because this doesn't stay matte for a very long time. I'm seriously sure that in the small sample package they had completely different product :(

Overall 2/5 stars.

xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

New "series": Monthly faves in my blog! + One dislike!

Hello my lovely readers! :)
So, I know that I'm such a slacker with my youtube videos... That's why I never do monthly faves: my videos would pretty much be only monthly faves xD I am really sorry of my inactivity in my youtube channel, but please understand, that I'm almost done with my school (I'll graduate in February) so I'm SUPER busy with the huge amount of schoolwork we have to do!
But today I had an idea: I could write blog post of my monthly faves instead of making a video, since I'm more active in my blog currently.


1. Essie's Topless & Barefoot nail polish. This super pretty nude is very nice quality. The only downside is that if you apply a very thin coat of polish, it can appear to be streaky: I recommend fisrt applying a thin coat and doing a slightly heavier second coat. but the polish is nicely pigmented when you consider it's a nude polish: two coats will do the job. I think it looks nice with my skintone too :)

2. COFFEE? What have I done to myself? Well, it all started out in September, I was sipping some Iced Caramel Frapuccinos in Starbucks every day for a week in Greece... I have never in my life liked coffee, and I still absolutely hate the taste of it, however, I have grown to love flavoured coffees, Christmas coffees to be exact. I love when there's a slight hint of coffee, but a stronger flavour is covering it, yet letting coffee's texture to be there. 
The downside is, that I know there's a ton of sugar in the flavoured coffees. But hey, drinking one once a week for a month won't get me diabetes.

3. The oh-so-famous Leaves candle is THE scent of the month! My sister got me this medium -sized (White Barn version) Leaves candle from USA when she went there in October. I have burned this candle only once, and I really liked it. I don't want to burn it anymore, because I want to save it xD 

4. Loreen has been the artist of the month for me! Her new almum "Heal" is super awesome! I like almost every song in the album. Some of the best: My heart is refusing me, Sober (well I actually prefer the old version of Sober...), Sidewalk, Crying out your name, & In my head. 

5. And last but not least I am loving Urban Decays's 24/7 Liquid Liner  in Perversion. I used to hate liquid eyeliners, since I never really got the hang of them. Also all the ones I purchased before were really bad quality, they flaked off in couple of hours. This one lasts well and applys easily and it's nice rich dark black. The liner comes off easily with a waterproof makeup remover.

The weather!!! Arght! How can it be so rainy and dull outside? I absolutely hate it! The weather forecast promises snow on Thursday, I really do hope their prediction is correct, I'm dying to get something white on the grounds to make this season a tiny bit jollier ;)
Have a lovely day!
xoxo Pauliina

keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2012

A Week without internet?

Hi my lovely readers!
On Wednesday the 13th of November  I found myself stalking completely random people on Facebook,  I realized that I spend 100% of my free time on computer.  I was falling behind on my school work, my room was super messy and everything in my life was kind of unorganized chaos. I decided to take the bull by the horns and try to live a week without my laptop/internet access. And guess what? I succeeded!!!!! I have to say that I wasn't really sure if I could pull off a week without a computer, but I did, and I am SO proud of myself.
The last time I was a week without a compute/internet in Finland was in 2007, so yeah... Talk about addiction.
Well, so I did it. Was it any good for me? Absolutely! I feel like I changed as a person from what I was week ago, because I actually got some important stuff done! I managed to write 1700 words on my degree work that I have to hand in in two weeks. So 2700/4000 words ain't too bad, because I will keep up the good work!

White chocolate cocoa with friends. *Phone camera quality*

I also baked three sheet of mince pie, cleaned off three huge pen boxes & sharpened the pencils, put up 20 sets of Christmas lights on our backyard with my sister, finished one 400-page book and began reading another book, went to see my grandparents, worked on Saturday in a mall after-renovation-opening-party (& was at school during the weekdays ofc), drilled off a cabinet in my room and replaced it with a nail polish rack full of my OPIs. AHH I feel like I have accomplished a lot in one week!

A crappy picture of the nail polish rack I put up :)

 I highly encourage you guys to try out a no-computer week if you feel miserable or inefficent, this really helped me, even though I struggled a bit at the beginning. If I can do it, you can do! At least try to go a day or two without computer, it's amazing what it can do to you!

Hurray for me!

Now I don't want to go back to my old habit, carrying my laptop around the house with me, of course I can be online daily, but I need to get a priority order: school work and real life challenges come first.
Hope this post inspires some of you :) Have a great day!
xoxo Pauliina

perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012

Nails nails nails!

Hi my lovely readers! Sorry about negletting this blog for some time. I've been painting my nails like a maniac, so I decided to share some of the NOTDs with you :) If you want to keep up with my nails, check my instagram (user: samettinen), I update it almost every day.

Two coats of OPI's I Brake For Manicures and one coat Zoya's Chloe.

Essie's Topless & Barefoot, two coats. Kinda streaky but love nude!

Essie's Aruba Blue (two coats) IN LOVE WITH THIS POLISH! So smooth formula& beautiful color!

Goofy polar bear nails. Tutorial coming soon :3

Me & my friends' nails :) Mine are the ones in the bottom: OPI Color So Hot It Burns.

Bohoo :(

As I've stated before, my favourite top coat is China Glaze's Fast Foward topcoat. Last time I bought three of them, this picture above is the first one I opened. As you can see, it is broken. I took the polish bottle to school with me and it completely broke in my purse! Thank god it didn't go all over the purse, but it leaked into my hat instead. The bottle is cracked in the middle of the opening of the bottle. I guess there must have been a factory flaw or something, because I definitely didn't throw my purse anywhere, I'm always very careful with it, since there is always something fragile in it :/ I'm kinda bummed about this since I hadn't used it that much, but whatcha gonna do... I just opened a new bottle, hopefully it won't break.

Have an amazing weekend!

xoxo Pauliina