sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

Challenge: 2012 & CHRISTMAS HAUL!

Hi my lovely readers! :) My sister challenged me to do this tag, it's originally in Finnish so I translated it in English for you all! I know I did the "Goodbye 2012" blog post but as I mentioned, I really wanna do this tag as well :D

1. What was the most memorable moment of 2012?
- I have to go with the ice hockey World Championships in Helsinki, it made my spring, really. Always seeing how many days are left to the opening ceremony from an electric stand in middle of Helsinki, being there seeing the games, painting faces, seeing the Lions... Ahh!
Also my trips to Dubai and Greece were so memorable! Loved also ahopping xmas stuff with my friends in December, we had so much fun!

2.  The person of 2012?
- I think I have to choose a celebrity, Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh HELLO he's my favourite actor and done so many shows/movies/stuff this year. Cannot not pick him.

My favourite gif of him ever, from my fave tv-show Sherlock.

3. What was your favourite beauty product?
- I have many, and I will make a video of the best and worst of 2012, but if I can only pick one, I have to say Collin's Refreshing Cleansing milk. It's AH-MAZING cleanser and it literally saved my skin this year! Made it so much better and cleaner ^__^

4. The best clothing purchase of the year?
- My spring/autumn trench coat from Zara. I loved it so much so I bought it in two colors: dark blue and basic beige. They're so good quality!

5. Two of your favourite songs this year?
- Oh my god this is so hard to answer... I have several songs I love, if I had to pick an album I'd go with Lana Del Rays Born to die paradise edition AND Loreen's Heal. I think I like all of the songs on those two albums.
But I have to go choose songs instead of albums, I'm going to pick Manicanparty's Animal and Loreen's Sober  (the old version!)

6.  Your favourite picture from this year?
Dubai's public beach <3

7. Your biggest achievement?
- Ahh, this is a hard one. I didn't achieve anything major this year, I didn't do anything incredible, but I think I just have to go with being happy. I managed to be happy most of the year, and that to me is fantastic! That's what life is all about!

8. Who was your favourite blogger?
- Well I don't read that many blogs, so I have to pick my sister's blog. But since she writes in Finnish, I'm going to pick also a person who writes in English, and that person is Christeen from Temptalia. I don't buy any MAC products without checking Temptalia first, and she is the person I trust the most when reading reviews of beauty products.

9.  What was your favourite place you travelled to?
- Dubai. I loved Rhodes as well, but Dubai will forever be my favourite place on Earth: there is always perfect weather, everything is super cheap when compared to Finland, there is all THE shops in the world's biggest malls, Burj Khalifa, there's beach & sun, Starbucks, Sephora etc.

10. What do you wish will happen before the year changes?
- Well, there's slightly over 24 hours to that moment, so I hope I'll have fun with my friends!

11. What goals do you have for 2013?
- To get into Laurea university of applied science. Ahh how that would be amazing! But it's not easy to get in there, so if I happen to fail that mission, then my goal is to get a job as a beauty therapist :)

12. Tag some people!
I'll tag my friend's Satu and Santtu. I'll also tag all of my readers! :) Feel free to do this tag in English or in Finnish (which you can find from my sister's blog) and say that I tagged you ^__^

Here is my Christmas/bday haul video:

Thank you so much for reading, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

xoxo Pauliina

torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

Goodbye 2 0 1 2

Hi my lovely readers!
Lets take a moment to appreciate the year 2012. What was my life like this year?

~Random pics of me~
Me & my godson in his  bday party (he turned four) in October.

In 2012 the ice hockey world championships were held in Finland, Helsinki. I got to work at the VIP event as a face painter (lol I was so bad at that). The VIP place was next to the changing rooms, so I got to see the Lions (Finnish hockey team) twice! I also met other Finnish players, such as Tuomo Ruutu, Nummelin and  Ville Peltonen  in the VIP area. That was SO amazing, I even started to cry when the lions walked past us the first time (I know so unprofessional)... I also painter Samu Haber's face if someone knows that guy from Sunrise Avenue. Got to see one of Finland's matches live too! So I consider those few weeks super memorable! Propably one of the best weeks in my entire life!

Finland- Slovakia (result was 1-0 )
Go Finland!

My life was full of broken electronic devices in 2012:
- at least 5 headphones were destroyed
- one cell phone was broken (Samsung Galaxy s3) by the second week of owning it
- My laptop ate my headphones so I can't hear anything from it anymore.

I trevelled to Dubai (which is my fave place on earth) and Greece  (and Sweden but that doesn't count).

I've seen Burj Khalifa live many times, but it still continues to impress me.
Me in Rhodes in September
Me infront of the biggest candy shop in the world.
The flag of UAE
Me infront of the biggest aquarium in the world (in Dubai mall)
Dubai <3 Cabs in front of the world's biggest shopping center: the Dubai mall
Me & Coco

I worked and studied. Most of my Saturdays this year I spent either at school or at work.
I worked in a spa, as a manicurist for Butter London and as a customer service/event worker wherever and whenever I was needed.
In school we had a 10 -month working period, so I did all the stuff a normal beauty therapist does: facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages etc. Six hours a day for five days a week and 9 Saturdays of the year! Now let me tell you that may sound light but it ain't! Taking care of other people can be also mentally quite hard: some clients open up to us and you kind of have to listen to them and support them. Some of the clients stories were amazing to listen to though!

Me & my friend Satu at school 

Rosa, me and Satu working in Vierumäki.

I have made a lot of new friends! I love all of my friends so much, and it has been wonderful to meet new amazing people I hope to keep in my life for a long long time!!

Satu, me, iEppo & Sawa at school
Me & my friend "Caroline" were bored
A gun-machine-thingy, at a forest in Tampere. I was walking there with my mom and grandma.
Santtu & me enjoying some lunch. Satu's behind the camera.
Me, ieppo, Benedict Cumberbatch & Robert Downey Jr. on my bday
Love playing board games with my friends and family!
Me goofing around with makeup with my sister on Easter
Me & my dear friend Hanna on the first of May
Me & my graduation hat on the first of May.
Me & my schoolmates had some "Tortilla days" to cheer up weekdays
Me & Eddie 
iEppo, Rosa & me

I turned 20.  I'm so old.

So, what am I expecting of the year 2013?
I hope it'll be as good (or even better than) 2012! At least I'm gonna try my best to make it superb!

Goals to complete for next year:
- Graduate as a CIDESCO, SKY -cosmetologist
- Move out to live on my own
- Go to archery with my bff
- Get into Laurea  or get a job if I don't get in there.
- Make one of my biggest dreams come true: travel to NYC and attend IMATS
- Travel to Dubai
- Be happy
- Wonder
- Be as healthy as I possibly can

I'm propably still going to do a new years tag or something here in my blog, I'm also going to film my favourite products of 2012 in English and empties in Finnish.

xoxo Pauliina :)

tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2012


Hi my oh-so-lovely readers!
I hope you're having an amazing christmas, or if you don't celebrate christmas, happy holidays!
To be quite honest, my christmas has been quite awful so far: on Friday 21st I got sick and it has gotten  worse and worse day-by-day.
If you have ever had hand foot and mouth disease, you propably know how I feel right now. I've had high temperature, which I never have, so I've just laid in bed. But that's not all: the worst part of it all are the protuberances, which are about the size of a strawberry. They hurt and they're everywhere (even in my mouth)!! Especially in my face, only in my forehead there are 23 of those disgusting things! I actually started to cry when I first saw my face when I woke up on 22nd... If you have acne, I can promise you, that is nothing compared to this! I have never ever in my life looked this terrible! I've always thought that my face is pretty, but never been happy with the rest of my body. Now as I see most of my readers are at the age when their self-esteem is at their lowest, I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you.

I saw a 10-year old little girl in a shop a week ago and she wanted her mom to buy her HAIR EXTENSIONS! She claimed her hair is ugly, because it's too short (umh it was way over her shoulders, longer than mine!) Excuse me right? When I was ten, I played with my Barbies and absolutely didn't care what I looked like. I started wearing make up on ninth grade, when I was 14! And it was only mascara and  tinted moisturizer, I seriously got into makeup when I turned 17!
I will make a video about this subject, but just because of christmas I wanted to remind you, that beauty comes from within.
I realize that  the FIRST time in my whole life I considered myself looking ugly was on Saturday 22nd. I actually never before in my life had thought that I TRULY look ugly... Of course I have my bad days filled with low self esteem, but to actually BELIEVE that I look ugly? I've never experienced that before.

 But guess what? This "ugliness" just suddenly went away while writing this post. The protuberances are still here and will take couple of weeks to fade away. But I started believing, that I AM more than what the mirror shows right now. I am funny, I am creative, I am beautiful, perfect just the way I am.
And so are you.
I have been bullied, I have been back-stabbed, I have went through high school and faced all the mean girls, people say shit about me, in my youtube videos they tell me I'm ugly and fat and all kinds of stuff.

Guess what? I don't care.
I really just do not care.

Some days of course I feel down and bad about myself, but mostly through my life I have always been pretty confident about myself.
You're never going to be beautiful  if you don't believe that you are.
I'm one of those people who try to see beauty in everything and  everyone. I dislike  those skinny platinum blode-spray-tanned-smokey-eyed-duck-faced "barbie dolls", but hey! If they think they're pretty, that's ok! I just feel like that kind of a beauty image is SO OVERRATED!

So, on Saturday I asked myself a question: "What would I do, if I looked like this for the rest of my life?"  and I answered: "Lol I'd propably kill myself". WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?
Of course I was kind of joking with myself (you see how weird I am), but how on earth would I ever in my life give up my dreams just because of what I look like from the outside?
Anything can happen to you. One day you may have an accident or get a disease that will make you look like completely different from what you look right now.
I have a life full of plans and dreams ahead of me.
I'd never give them up for what I looked like.

Please, love yourself the way you are. I believe you are beautiful, and if you do so too, you will be.

Have fun, keep your head high and eat a lot of yummy things this season!

PS, I just ordered tickets to the IMATS NYC on April 6th to 7th.
Dreams actually do come true if you work hard and be patient.

xoxo Pauliina

keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012


Hi my lovely readers! :)
Recently I've been vlogging a lot! I vlog in Finnish, so if you understand this tricky language, check out my vlogging channel!

Here are a few of the vlogs I've done so far:

These all are follow me aroud vlogs, but I intend to do also kind of "chatty" vlogs, tags and other usual videos you could find on a vlog channel. If you have any video ideas, just leave them in the comment section below.
Have a nice rest of the week! :)
xoxo Pauliina