maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Turning 21

Hello my lovely readers!
On Saturday 14th of December I turned 21 years old.

I remember thinking "Lol, when I'm the same age as Forever 21, I will be so old!"back when I was seventeen years old… The time really does fly.

I have been an adult for three years in Finland, but now I'd be considered as an adult in the USA too.
I live on my own now. I work, and buy my own groceries.
It's just crazy.

I don't feel like an adult though. When I'm with my relatives I usually hang out with the kids instead of the adults xD I am still learning to drink normal coffee. I still listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies.

Me & my cute relatives

But sometimes it's awesome to be an adult. You get to decide what you do,  and when you do it.
I just bought a white christmas tree for myself and put it up.  When I lived with my parents we always put up a real tree on 23rd of December, even though I always wanted to put it up earlier.

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day!
xoxo Pauliina

sunnuntai 1. joulukuuta 2013

What does my blog say?

Well, lately my blog hasn't said anything at all.
I'm so sorry! I've had some technical difficulties and on top of that I've been super busy :(

Lets catch up!
What have I been up to? Mainly working, decorating my house, dating a special someone, seeing my friends and sleeping.
 Yup, that's it.

Now, pictures speak louder than words.

Sorry for being such a slacker. I promise I'll be writing a proper blog post very soon! :)
Thanks for your patience <3

xoxo Pauliina