torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi my lovely readers! :)
If you haven't seen my newest video, and you want to know what's in my bag,  you can check it above^

So, I was thinking today, that wouldn't it be fun if I'd "interview" my schoolmates about skincare/beauty/nail polish faves? Also there's one hair expert and I might take advantage of her, if you want me to ask any questions about hair related stuff.
So please, send questions in the comment area below if you'd like to know something! Remember that we are studying to be cosmetologists so we actually might know something. But nothing too complicated xD

Also, I have an instagram now! :) My username is @samettinen there. Here's some pics I stole from my instagram.

& now I will pack my suitcase and prepare to leave to Greece on Saturday! :)

xoxo Pauliina

torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

My new Lilly Pulitzer agenda & My toenails!

Hi my lovely readers!
I ordered a new  Lilly Pulitzer  agenda couple of weeks ago from Glitzyglam (yes the Elle& Blair site... well, it had the  cheapest shipping on any site that sold Lilly Pulitzer). It arrived  a couple of days ago.

A little review of the packaging and shipping:
It was super fast and the agenda was wrapped in cellophane with a pretty little bow. So if you'd like to give it was a gift, it looks nice! The cardboard box was much bigger than the agenda and it was wrapped in pink bubble wrap. Even though that packaging may sound perfect, the agenda had turned in slightly in one corner. That's a bummer but oh well. It's not that big of a deal though, not that easy to notice. And I have to admit I was super impressed with the packaging and shipping being so pretty & fast.
I am not a huge fan of Elle's and Blair's videos, but I respect them very much; they have created a huge business around them and  all I can do is admire!

The price of the agenda: 26 dollars (but got 15%off with a coupon code)
The price of shipping: 17 dollars (yes still so expensive -__-)
So this was THE most expensive agenda that I've EVER purchased! I hated spending that money but it was totally worth it!! 
I cannot function without a calendar. In order to get me using a calendar, it has to be super cute and excaclty what I am looking for that spesific year; sometimes I want a agenda with a timed schedule, sometimes just one where you can write without "limitations".
This agenda doesn't show any times etc, just has couple of lines to write down what you have to do. But most important it has an overview of every month in the beginning of the month! That's what I was looking for this year.
And ahh, I love all the desings and the sticker it also has xD I'm a 4-year-old kid at heart.
And I love flamingos.

So I absolutely adore this agenda! :)

Now on to my toenails!
My lovely friend Viivi did a gorgeous gel manicure on my toes; a French tip with a blue glitter stripe! Absolutely love these! And this will last to my holiday, so  I will have pretty toes in Rhodes! :)

Colors of Finland <3
Thanks Viivi and thank you everyone for taking your time to read my blog! :)
xoxo Pauliina

sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Heading to Rhodes (and Sephora) in 2 weeks - a shopping list

Hi my lovely readers!
So I'll have a one week holiday in two weeks. Me and my mom are heading to Rhodes, which is an island that belongs to Greece. We've been there sooooooo many times, at least 8 times before xD So it's kinda familiar place. The last time I was there was in 2008 though, so some things might have changed.

Now there is a Sephora in Rhodes! I am beyond excited since it has been over 6 months I last was in a Sephora. I have no idea what brands will be sold there, or how overpriced the makeup there is. 
Here's a shopping list of the items I hope I'll find from the Sephora:
- Maybe NAKED foundation or Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation.
- One of Benefits new blush kits, I haven't decided which one yet
- Buxom plumping lipgloss in "White Russian"
- Some lip products Tarte
- A palette from Too Faced  or Borderline Smoothing anti-feathering lip pencil
- A palette from Stila
- The new felt tip liner from NARS.

Maybe xD so as I said before, there's propably none of these brands there... But if I can find any of these items I'll be so excited! :) 

Also looking for some Revlon  lip balm stains! 

If anyone has been in the Sephora of Rhodes, please let me know how big it is and what brands do they sell there!

xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

Blueberry hunt!

Hi my lovely readers! Me and my BFF went to pick some blueberries to the forest near us. 
Lets enjoy of the oh-so-amazing Finnish nature!

The process of picking the blueberries:

It took about an hour+ or so to pick this amount of blueberries. Have to admit I ate quite a few of them during the trip to the forest xD 
My BFF's mom made some delicious blueberry pie out of the berries we picked. Omonomnom, too bad I forgot to document the pie.

Aaand I looked like a murderer after the Operation Blueberry.

Hope you're having a great day!
xoxo Pauliina

perjantai 10. elokuuta 2012

Nail polish haul! + My fave top coat!

Hi my lovely readers! :) 
I did some nail polish shopping couple of days ago and decided do some haulin'.

Ring in the Red is a beautiful red glitter polish which kinda reminds me of Ruby Pumps but just smaller particles of glitter. I haven't tried this out yet but my friend owns it and has told that it's quite opaque. Would be amazing for xmas.

Prism - Full Spectrum - Polarized
all from the spring's  Prismatic collection! Looking lovely, haven't tested out yet though.

NOW THIS POLISH WAS A TRUE SCORE! This little guy is from the famous OMG! -collection. The polish is called 2NITE and is a GORGEOUS holo! Going for 40 bucks in ebay, I grabbed it for 4,50€. Sometimes I love living in a periphery ;) I absolutely love this nail polish!

Now this is an interesting polish. When I checked the name of it, I noticed that the label is white! That means that the polish is quite old- from the the before CG removed the harmful ingredients from their formula. Really interested in how this performs! Name is Groovy Green :) Looks like it'll be quite sheer but haven't tested it out yet.

Now it's official! China Glaze's Fast Forward top coat is my favourite top coat on this planet! It literally cuts down your nail polishes' drying time to a minute! And I  don't mean it dries the surface - it dries all the layers! So you can do anything with your nails after couple of minutes! Only downside is that is stinks... But the scent doesn't linger on your nails more than an hour or so. this is my second bottle of this polish! I bought 2 backups! ;)

OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu is such a lovely sheer white, perfect for those who love those chic, elegant nudeish nails! :) One coat would be perfect with a french manicure.

Fairy Dust from China Glaze. So versitile, can be layered with anything :)

Thank you so much for your time!

XOXO Pauliina