sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Britney Spears inspired nail art tutorial + Sherlock BBC

Hi my lovely readers! ^__^ Here's my newest nail art tutorial for you all:

I was inspired by the perfume bottles Britney has in her perfume collections, such as these above ^
Hope ya dig it!

NOW: to something that propably doesn't interest many of you at all. But still a few of you might have heard of  a tv-series called "Sherlock", first aired on BBC in 2010. Now I saw the first three  episodes when they were first released in Finland, on YLE tv 1.
Absolutely brilliant work I might say! Seriously I became obsessed. Now the obsession slowly faded away during the last six months, but oh God! Now that the season 2 was released in UK, I haven't had anything else in my mind than Sherlock. I already know some of the things that will happen, well obviously since I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was 8 years old... I know what will happen to him, and the same thing will be in these series, just in a modern way.
So, my life has pretty much consisted of watching short scenes from the season 2, watching Benedict's interviews,  fangirling Sherlock in tumblr, stalking Moffat's twitter, and the science of deduction site xD
Well, I guess sometimes it's good to relax and do stuff you like... But yeah, the season two won't be aired in Finland until like April-May-June... TTTT________TTTT So I guess I just have to buy the episodes online or just keep torturing myself with waiting. Ordered the season one on DVD which also has Finnish subtitles. That's a nice thing since I only understand about 80% of what they are saying hence their oh-so-lovely British accent <3 I honestly can't wait to go to London one day!

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Nails1820 kirjoitti...

Hei, minulla olisi muutama kysymys sinulle siitä kosmetologikoulusta jota käyt :) voisitko kiltti meilata minulle osoitteeseen ? :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Heippa! Aattelin vielä tulla kyselemään, jos voisit tehdä postauksen niistä monivärisistä kynsistä, esim. kärjessä tummaa, keskellä normaali ja tyvessä kevyt väri. Olisin super kiitollinen jos mitenkää ois mahollista että tekisit!! :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mieki oon ollu Dubaissa... Siitä on kyl jonku verran aikaa

Anni kirjoitti...

bbc Sherlock on paras! Jos sun mielestä eka kausi oli hyvä niin toinen on vielä parempi. Ja täällä odotetaan innolla kolmatta kautta. Onneks yle aloittaa sarjasta uusinnat nyt lauantaina.