sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2013


Hi my lovely readers! Hope you're having awesome Easter, if you celebrate it. Here is a post full of photos of me goofing around in a witch costume :D

Me & my friend iEppo (dressed as a cute little chic)

Chocolate treats for little kids dressed as witches/wizards going around our town house-to-house. This is a Finnish tradition similar to trick-or-treating :)

Now I'm sorry for the lack of content that will be coming up in this blog for next week because I'll head to NEW YORK!!! IMATS HERE I COME! WHOOOO! I'm so excited! There will be plenty of blog posts and videos when I get back from the trip! :)

xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 18. maaliskuuta 2013

Spring nails // China Glaze & Gina tricot

Hi my lovely readers! Here are some nails of the days from past couple of days :)

China Glaze's Sweet Heart is super cute milky pink. It's opaque but kind of streaky so I applied three thin coats. I just love this pastel pink for spring! :)

This is Gina Tricot's nail polish in color Line Up. I was so surprised by the quality of this polish! It was super cheap but went opaque in two thick coats. It didn't last for that long though, just couple of days.

Last night there were these gorgeous northern lights all over Southern Finland. I've always wanted to see the northern lights, but I've always missed them when they're been on the sky. Northern lights are pretty common in the Northern Finland, but in the South they're quite rare. It was so calming to fall asleep watching the dance of the lights <3

xoxo Pauliina

maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2013

Graduation party with my relatives

Hi my lovely readers! 
So I've been sick (AGAIN!! I'm sick all the time nowadays!) the past two weeks, I had the influenza and otitis on top of that. I hadn't had either of those for years so I didn't remember how awful they were D: Sorry for the lack of content on my blog and my youtube channel!

So, I hosted my graduation party for my relatives on Sunday, and decided to share some pictures with you guys :)

Some yummy goodies for our guests

Yup, my brother decided to photobomb me with my rhino statue.

There is the rhino statue again. I got it as a graduation present from my grandparents :)

I absolutely love the cake my mother baked for me! So pretty! :)

I absolutely adore this bouquet  I got from my godmother! She is a very talented florist so she knows how to work with flowers!

So, I everything went really well and it was nice to see my relatives and other important people! :) 
Thank you so much for reading, if you have any blogpost requests don't hesitate to leave them on the comment section below!
xoxo Pauliina

perjantai 8. maaliskuuta 2013

NOTDS & newest videos

Hi my lovely readers!
Here are some recent nails of the day posts I stole from my instagram.

 A black french tip & a light brush of glitter on top of the nails. I've actually spotted a lot of black french in magazines, so I guess it's having a comeback! Shoutout to my dear friend "Caroline" who always spots this style.

Oh how I love Butter London's "Slapper"! Emerald is the colour of the year, so this is not only pretty color but also trendy!
It's also so opaque, I totally love this polish :)

& lets throw my two latest videos (in Finnish) here:

What video do you want to see next? :) I've been organizing my makeup collection a lot, so I will actually film the oh-so-requested makeup collection video pretty soon!

Hope you're having a magnificent day! 
xoxo Pauliina