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Nails of the day // OPI Just Spotted the Lizard & New years eve nails

Hi my lovely readers!
I haven't posted a nails of the day post in a long time, so decided to do one now! :)

OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard

Today I'm wearing two coats of OPI's  Just Spotted the Lizard on my nails. This polish came out in the Amazing Spiderman collection and it's said to be a great dupe for Chanel's Peridot.
I really wish the polish had more blue dimension to it, because now it's mainly greenish gold shimmer. But it's lovely anyways! My second time wearing this ever.
My nails are getting too long because of the winter break, I have to cut them down soon :( I just love longer nails and it's such a bummer that a cosmetologist has to have pretty short nails in order to not hurt the client.

I thought I'd also share the nails I wore on New Years eve;

It was supposed to be a silvery-glitter to black -gradient but I ran out of time and it didn't turn out quite what I wanted... But it looked just slightly better in real life ;) To the ring finger I added three rhinestones which I hadn't played with in a long long time! Didn't remember how much fun it was to wear rhinestones! I highly encourage you guys to bring in some glitter and sparkle to your life!

If you're from Finland, check out my newest video on my Finnish channel:

Hope you're having an amazing week!
xoxo Pauliina

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Katariina kirjoitti...

Noi UV-kynnet oli niin hienot!

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks K! :)

Eevi kirjoitti...

Oot ihana höpötyksines(onks toi ees sana :D)! <3

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Eevi niin sinäkin <3