perjantai 28. helmikuuta 2014

REVIEW: Chanel Black Pearl 513

Hi my lovely readers! I decided to make a quick review of Chanel's Black pearl -nail polish.

Texture/formula: 7/10
Kind of streaky and uneven. However if you put just a little bit more effort to the application it will be ok. After a second coat you can still see the brush marks but it won't be too bad.

After one coat
After two coats
After two days of wear without topcoat

Longevity: 7/10
Without a topcoat this polish started to chip off on the second day of wear, as you can see from the picture above. So, nothing amazing here.

Overall: 7/10
The color is pretty, and I think the name describes the color perfectly. However the formula and longevity could be improved. The brush is just like any other Chanel brush, kind of square shape which I don't really like, since my cuticles are round. So, it's a nice nail polish but not my top choice for easy application process.

Thanks so much for reading, feel free to leave a request on the comment section down below! :)

xoxo Pauliina

sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

Finnish Beauty Bloggers' meet

Me, Shiny, Virve and Sini ♥ I just love those girls

Hi my lovely readers! 
Me and 27 other Finnish beauty bloggers decided to have a gathering last Saturday. Our host was the beautiful Sensaisti. The gathering was just AWESOME! It was so much fun to meet my blogger friends I rarely get to see. The food was absolutely delicious and the place so pretty! 

All this food *___* Nomnomnom
I'm still drooling after Ilona's mocha bites (which are not shown in the pic though xD)
Guess who joined to the  Lyyli-fanclub? Isn't she just the cutest little chihuahua ever?
Thanks for taking this pic, Sini!
Ooh-la-laa! Wonder what's inside?

Our host had such a nice surprise for us - a huge gift bag full of amazing cosmetic items! I was in cloud nine! I'm so looking forward to testing all these wonderful products! :)

That was just crazy, huh?! I feel so lucky and blessed for receiving all that amazing stuff, thanks again Sensaisti and the companies who were so generous to us!

Now, here are just a few pics from the memorable night...

Me, Sonia Virve and Sini 
(Photo taken by Panda with Sonia's camera )
Shiny Virve, me and Sini 
This and the next three photos by Sonia :) Thanks so much for having the patience with this ridiculous photoshoot xD

Photo taken by Panda with Sonia's camera :*

And this is just a random awkward selfie I decided to upload for the heck of it xD

Thanks so much for reading! Have a magical day! 
xoxo Pauliina

keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

Naked 3 haul

Hi my lovely readers!
Guess what? I finally got my hands on the oh-so-hyped NAKED 3 palette!  AAAHHH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! I have a feeling this one might become my new favorite over my original Naked-palette. I don't really love Naked 2, but some shades are awesome in that palette.

Lets just admire the beauty of this item *__*

This palette is full of magic :*

A dual-ended brush that comes with the palette

Small UDPP-samples

The Naked 3 & a rose gold bottle of fairy dust from Sini :* They kinda match, huh?

I am going to make a video review including of all three Naked palettes,  Lorac  Pro palette and NudeTude palette from the Balm.
Stay tuned for that, and have a magical day!

xoxo Pauliina