sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Heading to Rhodes (and Sephora) in 2 weeks - a shopping list

Hi my lovely readers!
So I'll have a one week holiday in two weeks. Me and my mom are heading to Rhodes, which is an island that belongs to Greece. We've been there sooooooo many times, at least 8 times before xD So it's kinda familiar place. The last time I was there was in 2008 though, so some things might have changed.

Now there is a Sephora in Rhodes! I am beyond excited since it has been over 6 months I last was in a Sephora. I have no idea what brands will be sold there, or how overpriced the makeup there is. 
Here's a shopping list of the items I hope I'll find from the Sephora:
- Maybe NAKED foundation or Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation.
- One of Benefits new blush kits, I haven't decided which one yet
- Buxom plumping lipgloss in "White Russian"
- Some lip products Tarte
- A palette from Too Faced  or Borderline Smoothing anti-feathering lip pencil
- A palette from Stila
- The new felt tip liner from NARS.

Maybe xD so as I said before, there's propably none of these brands there... But if I can find any of these items I'll be so excited! :) 

Also looking for some Revlon  lip balm stains! 

If anyone has been in the Sephora of Rhodes, please let me know how big it is and what brands do they sell there!

xoxo Pauliina

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