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Biozell Volumizing Seawater Spray review

Hi my lovely readers! Today I'll be reviewing a product I've been wanting to review for ages: Biozell's Volumizing Seawater Spray.

Let's get straight to it: This product is AMAZING! 

I've been using this product for almost a year - I got it in a beauty blogger meet up in March. Afterwards I also got a backup for it. 
I spray  three to six  pumps of this product in the roots of my hair when I want some volume or hold in my hair. My hair type is extremely slick so updos don't last more than an hour or so on my hair if I don't use this product to give my hair some texture and hold to it.

This product has saved so many bad hair days! I also like that while this is kind of sticky in your hair, it's not super crunchy or as sticky as other seawater sprays I've tried. I've even almost stopped using hairspray because my hair stays volumized so well thanks of this product. 
I have previously used many many many other seasalt sprays but honey, none of them work quite as well as this one. 

The only downside to this product is the packaging. It isn't the most eye catching and two times the nostril/spray of the product has  stopped working (I don't know why) but after a while it has been okay again. So there's a little room for improvement with the packaging but otherwise I don't have anything bad to say about the product.

Also, Biozell's Volumizing Seawater Spray (150ml) only costs around 6,50€ in Finland. It's very easy to find it in any Prisma or K-Citymarket where Biozell is sold. 

This product is Holy Grail status! I'll never live without it!

Thanks for reading! I really recommend this product and I hope you give it a go! :)

 xoxo Pauliina

*Disclaimer: I got this product for free from a beauty blogger meet up but I am not affiliated with Biozell in any way. They have no idea I'm doing this post.

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