perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

Sweet dreams by Too Faced palette review!

Hi loves! :)
Today I'll share my opinions on the newest palette from Too Faced, called  Sweet Dreams. 
If you're in a hurry, here's all you need to know: I LOVE IT!!! : D
And if you actually want some details and more info, please keep reading! ;)

Packaging: 9/10 
- I love the packaging SO much! <3 Ahh, this is like perfect packaging! I when I walked into Sephora, I saw this on the Too Faced stand and run straight to there! I'd have given 10 points for the desing, but the material (cardboard) makes the points 9. The edge's of the package get damaged quite easily. But otherwise love it! :D
The price/quality: 10/10
- The actual product price would be 220 dollars, if you bought them all separated. How amazing deal is this? I can no advice you to pass on this one! If you have ever wanted to try out Too Faced Shadowinsurance, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (matte), or Candellight highlighter, go get the palette, right now. Stop reading this and run to Sephora! xD Or order it online! Seriously, the quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, and you'll also get to try two blushes from Too Faced, and those famous primer, bronzer and highlighter.
This is also great palette for beginners: This has so many things, you only need foundation and mascara (+eyeliner if you don't want to use eyeshadow), and this'd be a good kit for beginners :) 
A variety from neutrals to bolder colors (amazing quality btw) makes this a perfect palette for more experienced makeup addicts as well! 
So, would I recommend this: YES.
Would I buy this again if someone stole mine or something like that: Absolutely! :)

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