maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

The most beautiful brush set!

Hi my lovely readers!
First of all- I'm sorry if this blog post comes off as an advertisement. It is NOT meant to be one, but I sincerely just was so amazed by the beauty of this brush set, that I just had to feature it in my blog! :o

So, what am I talking about? This:

AHH!! Isn't is just so pretty? :))
I absolutely looove this set! It's obviously from Sigma,  and it's from their new, limited edition The Cities collection!  This brown & Gold one is called London. 
This of course has to be the most expensive of the sets xD Why does this always happen to me? Always I fall in love with the things I can't afford. Well, I could ask this for xmas present, but I'm pretty much done with my list, which includes DKNY Goldem Delicious perfume and couple of other things :(
This set runs for 89 dollars, which I could easily see spending on a brush set, if I din't have as many brushes as  I already have (well, like 20).
But yeah, just wanted to give you guys heads up, in case you are looking for your first brush set, now it is good time to strike with these limited edition ones- so cute and a perfect gift! =)

These are the other sets featured in this collection:
Paris - New York - Tokyo
(these sets run for only 59 dollars!)

Super cute <3

xoxo Pauliina

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