maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Pictures from my vacation! =)

Hi loves! :) I'm back! It has been a week since my vacation in Miami ended. It was so much fun! 10 days of paradise, 7 of those spent on a Caribbean Cruise!
We were on the Carnival Liberty ship, and it was amazing! :)
The ship  was so pretty, the shows were magical, the food delicious and the staff very friendly! I also loved the decoration in the ship, and it was very clean, btw.
So the only thing that bothered me, was that there could have been more shops! ;P
Still, I totally spent more than enough money -__-''
I promise I'll make a haul video soon, I have been SO busy with school, since I have missed a week of it... And I also got a new camera! It is amazing, can't wait to film youtube videos again! It has been such a long break! D;
The places I saw:
Cozumel, Mexico (the best one, in my opinion)
Ocho Rios, Jamaica (very nice place)
and Grand Turk, Turk and Caicos, Bahama islands (I wish I had Essie's turqoise and caicos nail polish ;) paradise beach, but I stepped on a sea shell so I coudn't sprnd too much time there xD)

So I absolutely enjoyed my vacation. I could do it all again! And I'll def go back to Carnival Liberty! =)

Duhh, cold Finland ;o And getting even colder and colder all the time... Expecting the first snow very soon! +8°C

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