keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

100 Random facts about me pt. 1

1. I'm such a procrastinator. I used to finish school assingments early and maybe even turn them in before the deadline, but now I usually turn them in the last second.

2. I have tryroid hypofuction...

3...It took me four years to get tested for it because I have such a huge fear of needles I wouldn't book an appointment.

4. Winter is my favourite season.

5. I hate the taste of alcohol.

6. I love making youtube videos...

7... But it's hard for me to find time to film them!

8. I prefer youtube videos to blog posts.

9. My favourite youtuber is JulieG713. I also love Jenna Marbles.

10. I have always wanted to learn Greek.

11. I have been to 16 countries if I include the country I live in (Finland).

12. My favourite place in this planet is Dubai, I've been there four times.

When I see this view, I know I'm where I belong <3

13. I'd love to live in the UK or USA for some time in the future.

14. My favourite word in Finnish is "virvatuli" (will of wisp) and I also like "revontuli" (the northern lights) since they are so magical.

15. I'm already getting bored of writing these numbers from 1 to 50.

16. I love British accent

17. I have too much cosmetics...

18... I still want to buy more.

19. I'm afraid my friend Santtu is getting mad because I kind of copy her with that "three dot tactic" of answering these questions, even though I've seen people use that way before.

20. My fave Starbucks drink is iced Caramel Frappucino <3

21.  These are my favourite places to go: River Island, New Look, Forever 21, Sephora, Ulta & Starbucks...

23... We don't have any of those in Finland (except a SB in the airport) and I'm so mad about that!

24. I still live with my parents.

25. I'll move out next year when I get to know  where I get in to study more/get a job from different town.

26. I have abosultely no interest in anything related to politics.

27. My favourite subjects in school were art and history.

28. My favourite historical period is Ancient Egypt. I have visited the pyramids and the Egyptian museum, the valley of the kings etc.

29. I'm too lazy to check my misspellings in this text.

30.  I consider Finland a huge periferia. Still I could never completely move out of this country, I really love this place even though I quite often state the opposite.

31. I LOVE ICE HOCKEY!! (to watch it... I hate to play it)

32. I was celebrating Finland's 2011 world championship in Kauppatori (in Helsinki) with 50-80k other people. That was one of the best days of my life so far!

33. I try to be nice to everyone...

34...  but I'm a super sarcastic person, so some people might misunderstand some things I say.

35. I'm the master or stupid-not-even-funny jokes, I laugh at them myself because I know they are so stupid and nobody should laugh.

36. I learn the lyrics from songs fairly easily. I'm usually done with a song in three days to a week. Then the song begings to annoy me.

37. I just lighted up a candle with a match. Then I blew to put out the match and I accidentally put out the candle too. Hurray for me!

38. I'm quite lucky when it comes to drawings and giveaways, I win something around once a month.

39. ^ Not trying to brag. It's just a fact. Never won in a lottery though, I wish that'd happen so I could help out my family members.

40. I prefer dogs to cats.

41. I have a bunny called Luna. And he is a boy. YES I know Luna is a girls name, but I don't think Luna knows that ;)

42. I wish there was a beauty box system in Finland

43. My favourite makeup brand is Benefit.

44. It's annoying that I have added dots in the end of some sentences and not to some. I'm just too lazy to fix it now.

45. When I'm bored or stressed out I tend to pick my cuticles. That's such a bad habit and I'm trying to quit it.

46. I really want to see Adele live some day.

47. Ciate's Big Yellow Taxi is what I have on my nails at the moment.

48. I LOVE Disney movies! :) My favourite one is Hercules and favourite character is Megara.

picture from here

49. I also follow La Liga football when I have time, I cheer for Real Madrid!

50. My favourite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch.

Thanks for your time, hope it was entertaining!
xoxo Pauliina

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Paula kirjoitti...

Mitä, muutatko!?

pauliina kirjoitti...

Tietty muutan kunhan saan tietää mihin pääsen opiskeleen/töihin :) En mä haluu tääl jäkes pyörii ellei oo pakko xD En mie sinua hylkää älä huoli! :3

Paula kirjoitti...

Tai no niin, tottakai... taisin enemmänkin pelästyä tota "ensi vuonna" kohtaa. :D