sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011

Nails of the day! :) ft. Orly's new nail polish

Hi my lovely readers!
I was visiting the Finnish Cosmetology  Organisation's Trade Show in Helsinki couple of days ago, and there were some Orly polishes on sale for 3 euros only! I totally grabbed some ;P But this one costed 6,50€, since this is from the newest  Spread your Wings collection! This polish is called Fowl Play and it is SO pretty! This is 3 coats, but 2 would have done it as well.
And guess what? I even got to see the collection from Orly, that is not out yet! I adored ALL the colors, I was like "can I buy these yet" and the staff was like "we're sorry but no, this isn't out yet" and I was like wow, I feel special (of course everyone else in that trade show got to see the polishes too, I was just one of hundreds of people! xD).
So yeah, everybody keep your eyes ope for the soon coming Orly collection, you'll love it!!

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