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My nail care routine: How to get healthier, stronger nails!

Hi my lovely readers!
Someone requested a nail care routine post (ehh, like a year ago) so today I decided to document my nail care routine for you all. This has really helped my nails not to brake too often (they brake couple of times times a year). I do this at least once a week, but usually three times per week :) I highly recommend all the products shown here, I've bought them all with my own money and they are fabulous!

My nail care routine begins with exfoliating my hands and cuticles: I use absolutely amazing product called Lumoava Lady. This product has sugar and oil in it and it makes my hands feel so soft! This product gets all the dead skin cells off my hands so moisturizers sink in better.

This is what the scrub looks like on my hands:

After scrubbing my hands, I move to a cuticle oil. I really like Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Cuticle+ Nail Oil. It's the best one I've tried so far. I massage it into my nails and cuticles.

After the oil, I will treat my nails and cuticles with my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE NAIL CARE PRODUCT EVER: Burt's Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream. I've gone through five of these!! I love this product SO much! I have dermatillomania, and having my cuticles in this condition is a miracle! They used to be awful, but this product has healed them and it's hard for me to pick them anymore :)

The next step is to use a hand cream. I adore Soap & Glory's Hand Food. It's quite thick but sinks in fairly quickly. This hand cream is a life saviour during Finnish winter.

Now my hands, nails and cuticles are soft and moisturized so it's easy to push back my cuticles. I use this tool I bought from Bornprettystore. I highly recommend this, it's super effective (and it was super cheap, hehe)!

After pushing back my cuticles, I foe my nails down a bit. I use my trusty glass nail file by Trind. It's five years old and still works like a dream. Please don't use those cheap nail files, invest in a glass file and you'll never go back! Glass files are so much better for your nails.

Unfiled nails ;P
Filed nails :)

The final step to my nail care routine is to apply OPI's Nail Envy before a base coat. Now this product is a total must for everyone who wants stronger nails! I've been using this product for five years and it's crazy how much healthier, thicker and stronger my nails have become (well, you can see the improvement within a month of use, it doesn't take five years xD). I cannot live without this product!

I hope that this post helped you if you suffer from weak nails. I really recommend all of these products with my whole heart :) 
Thanks for reading, have a magical day!

xoxo Pauliina

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Vive | Pitkät Kynnet kirjoitti...

Mullakin tota Consult Ladya ja OPIn Nail Envya vakkarikäytössä. Luottotuotteita <3

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Ne on ihan parhaita! :) Kiva kuulla että muutkin rakastavat niitä! :*

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Voisitko tehdä semmoisen videon missä hoidat kynsinauhasi? Itse en osaa tehdä niille mitään kuin rasvata ja välillä työnnellä niitä, mutta ne ovat kauhean paksut ja rumat..