maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

Countryside calling!

Hi my lovely readers! :)
I was on my friend's cottage with my friends this weekend! We had so much fun! We drove there on Friday night, because my friend got from work at 2.00 So we didn't really get much sleep that night- the drive to the cottage was 3 hours. But it was totally worth it! Finland is such a beautiful country! Even though I live here, I don't always notice it. There was mist/thin fog and the sun went down only for half an hour - then it rose again, and oh I just love the Finnish nature! The only thing scared me, was a HUGE moose eating something in the forest near the road.

We got to the cottage around 5am and we went staright to bed! We were so tired, and woke up on 12.00, then went shopping to the center of the town.  We bought marshmallows that we toasted later  on a campfire one of my friends managed to light up, even though it was windy and cold in the night. We also went to sauna and made a pathetic birch whisk xD I need my grandpa to show me (once again) how to make a proper one... 

 We just had so much fun there! Also watched "Sherlock", as they're finally showing it on YLE... I love Sherlock, it's my favourite tv-show! Ahh, if you  haven't even heard about Sherlock, you better check it out NOW! Ahh Benedict Cumberbatch is my favourite actor in the whole wide world <3

Satu & me :D (in Helsinki waiting for our friend Eevi to come from work)

Hope you had as much fun as I had this past weekend! :)
xoxo Pauliina

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Ieppo kirjoitti...

It wasn't THAT BAD  birch whisk :D

pauliina kirjoitti...

Lol I think it was kinda pathetic xD