maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Urban Decay loves NYC palette!

UD loves NYC.
Pauliina loves UD.

Lol, SORRY for not writing even decent blogposts lately! I've been so busy with school! :) Please forgive me! I'll post some more interesting posts and perhaps OOTD soon! :) Meanwhile you can check out my newest youtube videos! <3
PS. UDPP is now my favourite primer! Better than Too Faced Shadow insurance in my opinion!

Thanks loves, have a nice day/night! :)

12 kommenttia:

BlueVanilla kirjoitti...

This looks like an awesome palette! Thanks for sharing!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks so much, BlueVanilla! =)

Cookie kirjoitti...

I sooo love your videos! This palette is amazing, was it expensive?

rosecandle11 kirjoitti...

omg this looks soo cool! and the package.... <3


It's Friday Somewhere kirjoitti...

Love it!:X

Emma kirjoitti...

LOVE your blog! New follower :)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Wow, thank you so much, everyone! Kinda overwhelming, I don't usually get more than 1 or 2 comments so thanks for brightening my day so much! =) And thanks for following me <3

I bought this palette from a Finnish website called and I got it for 49 € (because I had a ten euros voucher) :) Totally worth it in my opinion, this is my new favourite palette!

EyeCandy kirjoitti...

That pallete is awsome. Too bad they don't sell Urban Decay in my town, I'll check out the website you mentioned.

Always waiting for a visit:**

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks EyeCandy! =) GL finding UD! <3

Clara Turbay kirjoitti...

I like this blog. cool post. i´d like you check out mine.

Jenni kirjoitti...

vau! enpä oo ennen kuullut tuosta meikkipaletista, tuli itsellekin himo hankkia se :)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Jenni: Se on aivan ihan paletti! Valot ja kaikki! Ja luomivärit ja primer potion on aivan upeita, myös eyelinerit on hyvät. Ehdottomasti suosittelen! :)