torstai 4. elokuuta 2011

My lipgloss collection & swatches part 1

Hi dolls! :) I was bored and thought that I should do like a blog post series! :) So I decided that over time I will swatch my whole makeup collection (eyehsadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliners etc)! And every time I buy more products I will do a new post, so it will be always updated when you search makeup collection here! :)
So, I'm going to start with lipglosses! :) I don't have a huge amount of them, but here is the first part of the lipgloss swatches! I hope you enjoy!

So these are Victoria's secret  Beauty Rush lipglosses. In Finland, there's no Victoria's Secret so I  bought these from Dubai! :) I got 5  lipglosses for 20 euros, which is good deal considering how good quality these are! So I got two of the first shade (I'm sorry, these don't have names!) and the second shade, and one of the last shade! I gave one of these to my sister, too :) I like these very much, and the lightest one is my fave! :) I totally recommend checking these out!
The pink one tastes like strawberry (quite chemical one), 
the red one chocolate 
and the lighter one tastes like fruity.

The first lipgloss here is from Modelsown, and it's called Vileolet cream, and I got it from a sale. It's very nice bubblegum pink with blueish shimmer. It smells like chemical candy or something. It's ok scent.

The Rimmel lipgloss I have here is Royal Gloss in shade Yummy. And it tastes really yummy indeed! :D It's very nice for a drugstore gloss! I recommend!

The brown Gosh one doesn't really smell like anything at all. This was only 1 euro, so I bought it, even though I don't use brown lipgloss on daily basis. However, it's nice with light lip color if you use only little bit of that :)

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