lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

My minty nail polishes (swatches)

Hi my loves! :)
I decided to share my minty nail polishes with you all! I only have four minty nail polishes! So the swatching was pretty easy =) I hopy you enjoy these, let me know what's your fave minty nail polish!

Essie's Mint Candy Apple, 1 coat - my favourite minty nail polish. This is slightly more turquoise, especially if you compare this to china glaze's re-freshmint. But  I totally lovethis color! Pigmented, not that streaky (well the first coat kinda is, but not the second) and absolutely lovely polish! Lasts quite nicely without a topcoat, too =) 

Essie's Mint Candy Apple, 2 coats

Forever 21 nail polish, 1 coat. This is very nice quality for the price of the polish! I highly recommend you to check out the F21 polishes! The first coat looks very streaky, but is extremely pigmented! When you aplly the second coat, it looks very nice! :) I recommend this!

Forever 21 nail polish, 2 coats

China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint, 1 coat. I feel like that this is like a true minty color. It's quite light and excactly what I think of, when I think of the color mint :) I like this very much! Only that I hate china glaze's brushes, I feel like they make the polish come out streaky :/

China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint, 2 coats

China Glaze's For Audrey, 1 coat. You all propably know this polish. It's the Tiffany box blue one, all of you like it. It's pretty but not my favourite. Pigmented & nice :)

China Glaze's For Audrey, 2 coats.

All of the polishes mentioned above (in the same order) with flash.

& Without flash :)

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Tanja-Mia kirjoitti...

great blog with amazing pictures!
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Ria :) kirjoitti...

i love that nail colour, i have it on my toes atm hehe, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)

A. kirjoitti...

Hi! I love this colour :) Do you want to visit my blog? Is about mode too:


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pauliina kirjoitti...

Tanja-Mia: Thank you so much <3 I will! :)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks so much, Ria! =)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks, A! ;D