keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

My makeup collection: Lipgloss swatches part 2

1st from left:  "Nice Mix Up", This is super pretty lipglass! This makes your lips look super plumpy on the right light! :) If I don't know what to wear on my lips, I usually put this on! ;) 

The middle one:  "So Vein", This came with MAC's Peacock collection in winter 2011, so this is unbuyable nowadays. This is a Kissable lip color, so it's lipstick and lipgloss in one!  It's very nice when I don't feel like putting on both lipstick and lipgloss, or if I'm in a hurry! :)

The right one: "Strange Potion", released in October 2010 with the Venomous Villains collection. Now unbuyable, but was re-released with MAC's Surf Baby collection in summer 2011. This is actually my first ever MAC item!  So it has sentimental value to me ;) And I adore the packaging, since the Evil Queen from Snw White is my favourite Disney villian. This is quite opaque coral lipgloss, absolutely gorgeous! Somehow similar to the kissable lip color I have :)

Okay, so these swatches are just the other way around when compared to the pic of the glosses above! xD So, from right to left: Strange Potion, So Vain, Nice Mix Up.

This is my newest addition to my lipgloss collection! It's super pretty bubblegum pink, and this is quite opaque. I like this very much! It has nice sparkliness on it, too ;)

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