maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Turning 21

Hello my lovely readers!
On Saturday 14th of December I turned 21 years old.

I remember thinking "Lol, when I'm the same age as Forever 21, I will be so old!"back when I was seventeen years old… The time really does fly.

I have been an adult for three years in Finland, but now I'd be considered as an adult in the USA too.
I live on my own now. I work, and buy my own groceries.
It's just crazy.

I don't feel like an adult though. When I'm with my relatives I usually hang out with the kids instead of the adults xD I am still learning to drink normal coffee. I still listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies.

Me & my cute relatives

But sometimes it's awesome to be an adult. You get to decide what you do,  and when you do it.
I just bought a white christmas tree for myself and put it up.  When I lived with my parents we always put up a real tree on 23rd of December, even though I always wanted to put it up earlier.

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day!
xoxo Pauliina

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