lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

What I've been up to?

Sorry again for the major lack of posts! I've been so busy so I haven't had time to film videos or write blog posts. I've been working hard, and studying for my entrance examination for Laurea university of applied sciencences. The examination was held on 5.6 -6.6, so now I'm free! Well, I still have couple of days of work here and there, but now I don't have to stress about the entrance examination anymore. Fingers crossed I'll get in to my dream school!

Me working in SM-liigagaala, posing with Poika and Mikko Leppilampi.
Me &  Sini reading chemistry for our entrance examination

What else have I done recently?

I've went to a Fashion Stock sale...
...Or maybe two Fashion sample sales...

Spotted a fashionable bug, which clearly was either born really lucky, or rolled in Chanel's Peridot
Eaten a really cute cupcake
Drank some yummy Arizona teas...
& Some soda
Adored my bunny <3
Bought new shoes
Listened to great music...
...such as Phildel's Storm Song
Baked macarons with my mother... Looks pathetic?
Attended my little sister's graduation party
And finally, I have painted my nails quite a few times.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Next post will be a review :) 

xoxo Pauliina

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Oo De Lally kirjoitti...

Siis ei vitsi että sä näytät upealta tuossa siskosi valmistujaiskuvassa ja musiikinkuuntelukuvassa! Ja oivoi, Mikko Leppilampi on ihana! Joko on tullut tulokset, että pääsitkö opiskelemaan? :))

Aino Kirjoittaa