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Recent nails & what I've been up to!

Hi my lovely readers!
Let's take a break from the NYC post series!

Last Saturday I was working in an event for Candyshop. It was such an amazing day! I met so many lovely people there, it was especially nice to meet Sini, Pumpulipupu and Mirssiina. This was propably the last time I did manicures for Butter London, and I have to say that I've enjoyed the time I got to work with this awesome brand! Candyshop will start importing Rococo Nail Apparel instead, so I'm looking forward to see how good that brand will be :)

My notd: Two coats of No More Waity, Katie and one coat of Knackered (Butter London). The accent finger: OPI Black Onyx & Butter London's Rosie Lee.

Another notd; WetnWild Sagreena the Teenage Witch.

If you don't live in Finland, you propably don't know what 'Vappu' is. Vappu is a Finnish word for May Day (1st of May).  It's a huge celebration of spring, people who have graduated from college, and so much more. Mainly people celebrate Vappu, because they want to get drunk (in the middle of the week, on 30th of April). To me, Vappu means a feeling of carneval, crazy colors, balloons, paper streamer and good time. 

The nail polishes I used for my May Day manicure

My May Day nails

My makeup on May Day -see the tutorial below!

The ice hockey world championships are here again!!!! The games will begin today, 3rd of May. I'm so  happy, I hope Finland will do well.

My Finland flag nails

Me sporting my beloved Finland/Leijonat scarf.


Thanks for reading, have a wonderfull day!

xoxo Pauliina

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Katariina kirjoitti...

Go Finland!!

MARI kirjoitti...

Kävin katsomassa pari sun videota ja ihmettelin, että ootpas tutun näköinen, mutta en osannut paikallistaa ja sitten yhdessä videossa kerroit olleesi Candy Shopin ystävämyynneissä ja lamppu syttyi! Siellähän mä olen sut nähnyt! :D

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