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NYC part 3 // IMATS & beauty gurus

Hi my lovely readers! This is the first post of my IMATS -experience.
In a nutshell: IT WAS AMAZING!! I met all of my favourite beauty gurus, and even got to know some pretty awesome people. This posts mainly consist of some of the pics I took with youtubers.
I was also loving all the special makup there was to explore, but that will be a whole new post. 

IMATS were held in Pier 94. It was a lovely place, if you're Finnish and want to know the size: aika saman kokoinen kuin messukeskus :)

Face of the day for IMATS day 2, Sunday.

Leighannsays, I've subbed to her for ages, back when she had slightly over 1000 subbies. She was SO nice and cute! :)

Who doesn't love Beauty Broadcast? I've watched all of her  over 800 videos!

THE youtuber I have wanted to meet. The girl who started it all for me. Muy favourite youtuber of all time, Julie!!! I actually cried when I met her. She is the most friendly person on earth, not to mention that she looked even more beutiful irl! For three years I have watched and loved her videos <3 

Go get you some EleventhGorgeous!  A long time subbie loved to meet the lovely sisters!

 It was great to meet Xteeener, she was so nice and I loved her dress!

Rachel!! A new find for me, I've been subscribed to her for six months and DAMN! This girl is entertaining! Completely hooked on her videos!

Me & Nicole. God she was so pretty! I wish I could have talked more with her :(

New friends

Now when I was in the taxi line, this lovely woman started to chat with me. I told her that I was from Finland and that I pretty much was in NYC because of IMATS & all the beauty gurus. She told me that her daughter also had a youtube channel. Soon I met her daughter, Amanda. We chatted for the whole 45 minutes and ended up taking the same taxi, since we were going the same way. It was SO amazing to meet these two beautiful pesons, and get to share what it's like to live in Finland and hear how different it is compared to USA :) I'm so glad we met and I got to discover Amanda's youtube channel! I hope that we will meet again at some point of our lives! 

I was being a paparazzi and took some pic of MeghanKacey & other lovely youtubers I'm subbed to :)

So, there is another post coming of the athmosphere and all the beautiful creations of the makeup artists.
Thanks for checking out my blog, have a magical day!

xoxo Pauliina

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Kosmetiikkakatti kirjoitti... Onko tää se sama pohjustustuote jota käytät siin glitterin alla vappumeikissä? ^_^

Pauliina kirjoitti...

Joo on tismalleen sama! :) Suosittelen! Parempi kuin makeup foreverin saman oloinen tuote!