keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

NYC PART 1 // Ice hockey & The Lion King

Hi my lovely readers!
Ok. So I went to New York. And I went to IMATS. 
I took over 1300 pictures.
So, BE PREPARED! There will be a total of five blogposts! 

Beginning of the trip: 
So, me and my dad flew from Helsinki on Tuesday morning with Finnair to New York! We arrived at the JFK airport and surprisingly there was little to no line to the immigration check, I was so pleased we got through that in 10 minutes! We walked from  the immigration check to the luggage claim and got our bags immediately. How lucky! We took a taxi and it took around 50 minutes to get to our hotel.

Hotel Pennsylvania.
So, we got to our hotel (Hotel Pennsylvania), which was 2 stars, the cheapest we could find. Why would we invest in a hotel, the only time we were there was when we had to sleep! I've always been that type of a person who rather spends the money on shopping than to the hotel :D 
So, on the first day we were pretty exhausted, but we had to go shopping! We headed to the world's biggest store, Macys that was literally next to our hotel! On the first day I bought a BCBG bracelet & Rachel Roy shoes.

Me and my dad are huge ice hockey fans, so on Wednesday night we just had to go to see the New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Pinguings! NYR won 6-1. It was just amazing how different ice hockey culture can be in different countries. In Finland people definitely don't stand up and start to sing "GOO-OO-OOAL, GOO-OO-OOAL, hey, hey, hey, hey hey!" o___o I loved that atmoshpere so much!! I wish Finnish hockey fans were as eager as americans!

We went to see the Lion King on Broadway on Thursday:

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Sorry I couldn't resist.

Times Squareeeee! Oh gosh I loved it! :) Sephora, Mac, F21, Disney store...

Me admiring the Lion King ad.

Whii, a dream come true!

Oh God how I loved the Lion King! It was all that I hoped it would be! My favourite charater/voice/actor was Mufasa's actor, Alton Fiztgerald White. "They live in you" was my favourite song, as it already was my favourite song of all the songs in the movies. So, even though the ticket were expensive, they were totally worth it!

Thanks so much for reading, stay tuned for more blogposts of my lovely trip! :)

xoxo Pauliina