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Random favorites of 2014

Hi my lovely readers! This is my recap of last year :) I have done these kinds of recaps of the past two years also.
2014 was a roller coaster ride for me. overall it was good but my dear grandfather and Luna passed in the summer and that was really hard time for me. But I know they're in a better place now. So let's put those sad memories aside and check out what were the best thing that happened in 2014!

My highlights of 2014

My trip to Dubai
· In February me, my sister, my brother and my father went to Dubai. I just love Dubai  and of course I enjoyed my fifth visit as well :)

A weekend in Tallinn with my boyfriend
· At the end of spring me and my boyfriend spent a weekend in a spa hotel in Tallinn Estonia. It was a nice relaxing weekend and I really enjoyed it.

Welcoming Ässä to our family
· Ever since Luna passed away my family knew it wouldn't be possible to live without a bunny. So, in june we drove for several hours to go get our newest family member Ässä. Ässä is such a charmer but sometimes I'm certain that he has ADHD... We still love him though :)

Ässä enjoying Christmas

Meeting new people 
· I just love meeting new people and making new friends. In 2014 I've been more involved in the Finnish beauty blogger scenario and it's been really nice to meet people who have the same interests as me :)

{Photo by Sonia}

Things I wished I did more (and will try to do more in 2015):
1. Reading - Yeah, I didn't spend nearly enough time reading as I should have had. I love reading and it makes me depressed to think that I only read like five books last year.
2. Baking - I baked a lot  in the autumn and wintertime, but I hope to make baking a regular hobby that I will do all the time. I find baking relaxing and I just love it!
3. Excercising - Ehh. Yeah. Didn't move enough.
4. Going outside (such as walking in the forest) - Finnish nature is so beautiful, so I should spend more time outside.
5.  Following more ice hockey - I really love watching ice hockey but in 2014 I barely watched it at all. In 2015 I hope to be more into ice hockey again.

Top 5 TV-shows of 2014
1. Sherlock (is my all-time fave and I enjoyed it in 2014 as well)
2. Game of Thrones
3. 2 Broke Girls
4.  Pretty Little Liars
5.  Sex and the City

Favourite movie and book of 2014
Gone girl
Bridget Jones -books

Top 5 songs  of 2014
1. Ella Henderson - Ghost
2. Idina Menzel - Let it go
3.  Lorde - Tennis Court
4.  Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
5. Donkeyboy - Crazy something normal

Hope you enjoyed my random favorites of 2014 :)

xoxo Pauliina

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