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Beauty blogger meet & what was inside the goodies bag

Hi my lovely readers!
I went to a beauty blogger meet last Saturday. The meet was hosted by Henna, and it was a celebration for her blog turning five years old! Congratulations and thanks again for the awesome meet! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food/snacks were delicious! 
Unfortunately I forgot my camera and I don't have any pictures from the meet ;__;  Sorry! :(

We all received AMAZING goodie bags! I wanted to show all the products to you guys, because then you can tell me if you want to see reviews of any of these products :) I also want transparency: I want you to know that I got these items for free and it doesn't affect my opinion in any way. 

How cute were the name tags in the goodie bags? :)

I'm really excited to try out some products from Urtekram! Especially I'm looking forward to trying the deodorant and hand cream!

Some awesome-looking Louis Widmer products!

Nail polish and brow gel from Loreal, eyeshadows from Maybelline. 
We also got  a Konjac Sponge (whii, excited to try it out!) and Compeed plasters which are my go to plasters, I love them!

A foot-care set from Freeman. This will be useful during winter!

A shower gel, in-shower body cream and a body cream from Lemon Juice & Glycerine.

I'm SO happy we got socks and stockings from Falke! I have never tried the brand before, but my good friend has recommended Falke for me. We also got a stylish necklace from Glitter :) #purkkimafia

Some Lush goodies and self-tanners from Avon.

Makeup from Elf, Yves Rocher and Artdeco, hair products from Goldwell.

Yay! Biozell Seawater spray and Crystal mist - these I already tried and these two ROCK! The hair powder I haven't tried out yet :)

These items will keep my skin moisturized! 

And finally, a beach spray and cream mousse from Four Reasons and a body lotion from ACO.

Thanks again to:

And thanks for reading! Next up will be a review of the Loreal nail polish seen in this post.

xoxo Pauliina

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