tiistai 12. heinäkuuta 2011

Working & Working

The title tells it all!
I've been working the past couple of days in a Finnish football tournament called Helsinki Cup.
Today it was quite miserable, because it had been raining/storming all night and still in the moring :(
I've met the Finnish hockey players, Filppula brothers (who were SO nice!) and rap-artists Jare & VilleGalle (who were huge divas -__-) in Helsinki Cup.
And  by the way, I have my first outfit of the day blogpost coming :) I'd actually do it right now, IF  I hadn't forgotten my camera's USB to our cottage -___-'' So, I'm sorry to tell that my next blogpost will propably be on Saturday or Sunday.
Also, I'll be uploading a collective haul & a nail art tutorial to youtube very soon!
**UPDATE** Here the haul is ;)

2 kommenttia:

Sandra kirjoitti...

I love this video of yours! I'm definitely going to subscribe. :)


pauliina kirjoitti...

Thank you so much! =)) <3