tiistai 26. heinäkuuta 2011

BornPrettyStore haul - nail goodies ;)

Hi my lovely readers! :)
I just got my order from www.bornprettystore.com! I placed it  around 7 to 10 days ago, so I consider the shipping very fast, especially since it didn't pay anything!
So, lets get to the stuff I got! ;D
First off: I have wanted to have dangly nail jewelry on my nails since I was ten years old! So now, finally I made my dream come true and ordered a drill and the danglies! :D I'm so happy I did, these are awesome! I already put one on, as you can see if you check the photos down below.


Using the drill was very easy. You just have to rotate the cap off and push the drill to your nail while rotating it. Sounds hard but is super easy and fast! :D I recommend doing this after you get out of the shower, when your nails are on their softest, so the process is even faster! This whole process didn't hurt AT ALL. I felt absolutely nothing :)
The drill costed 1,89 dollars and the danglies something around 5 dollars

The next item I purchased, is this 32 Nail Art Polish Display Tips Stand Practice Tool! I'm going to do nice desings with these and I love to have these displayed in my room! =)

And now we come to the main reason I placed my order! These amazing nail art brushes for 5 dollars only! No, I am not kidding, these 16 brushes were only 5 dollars!! How crazy is that? :D I was so happy to find these, and I am not disappointed now that I own them :)

Thank you for checking out my blog! I'll soon make a YT haul video of these products! :)
While your waiting on that, check out my new video I uploaded today! It's first TAG video I've ever done! =)

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Katariina kirjoitti...

Nice deals and cool nails! =)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks! :)