tiistai 28. kesäkuuta 2011


I got these Maybelline lipsticks for 1,90 euros each! Great deal! :)

I've been wanting to try these Rimmel's scented nail polishes and got 2 of them for 2,50 each. SO cheap! :D

I got this Lumene's yellow nail polish for 2,50€ and got the other nail polish for free! ;D

I've been hearing good things about this crackle nail polish brand. Finally found it from Finland! For 2,50€/bottle.

I'll later do a review of this Trind's set which contains basecoat, french white and a topcoat. I hope they work, this was something like 12 euros.

Nail art stickers xD These were funny and 1 euro only!

Funny lashes for 6 euros. I dunno will I ever use these though xD I'm bad with falsies!

This was a find! Too Faced isn't sold in Finland so how on earth was this in the place I went to? Well, it was only 3,50! :D I love this glitter eyeshadow!

So pretty! :)

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