sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2011


Hi lovelies! Here's a tiny haul for you all :) These are items I have bought within the past two weeks or so.

This is Gosh's eyeliner in 04 Green Boost

This beautiful lipstick is also from Gosh and it's called 001 Light Coral

There you have swatches of the two Gosh items. The first swatch is just one swipe and the ones above them are two or three layers of the product.

The next thing I purchased (from online store,, that's why it has the tester sticker. It has never been used, however. This was on sale for really cheap, unfortunately I don't remember the price :(
But this is absolutely adorable packaging and I love all the products as well (except the mascara I haven't tried yet!).

And oh well, there we go with my "Don't buy nail polishes anymore"... Couldn't help myself when I sa the oh-so-gorgeous OPI's shatter nail polish in silver! But picking up China Glaze's OMG was propably even better decicion! I love this polish, it has to be one of my faves! Absolutely amazing duo-chrome there!
Don't they look pretty in the picture together? ;P

I'll post pictures of these on my nails soon!

3 kommenttia:

Katariina kirjoitti...

Looks good, nice pics! :)

pauliina kirjoitti...

Thanks sister! :D I some are from quite strange angle, though xD

Nails1820 kirjoitti...

Mistä olet ostanut OPI ja China glazen kynsilakat? :) Paljon oli hintaa?
Hienot :)